What happens if you send your interview questions to the next candidate?

April 6, 2021

Often, candidates have a hard time expressing their abilities in an interview. Rightfully so: there is plenty that can go wrong like nerves, preparation, and miscommunication. The worst that can happen is if you reject a great candidate candidate because they haven't given you "the right answerâ„¢"

We're running an experiment for hires in our product team where we actually want everyone to get a fair, decent shot at it: we want to make interviews about their competence - not anything else.

  • We send a 1-pager with all the criteria we will evaluate: we tell candidates what we want to know, what questions we will ask and what specifically we want to see.
  • During the sessions, we try to help candidates answer them using structured interviewing techniques: we focus on helping candidates to answer to the best of their abilities
  • After interviews, we grade individually and calibrate in a panel: how well does this candidate compare against what is needed in the role? What examples of behaviors did they come up with? How did they handle it before?

That way we can make the process about the things that matter: the candidate's potential, and nothing else.